Is your dog scared of fireworks?

Is your dog scared of fireworks?

Jul 09 , 2020

This may set a few cats among the pigeons, or should we say dogs among the chickens?

Here at Fur Indoors, the dog, as always, has to come first, no matter how hard a pill it is for us, as owners, to swallow. Many dogs are scared of fireworks and as owners, we often don’t consider the problem until its too late. Now lets not beat ourselves up over this, many dog owners lead busy lives; juggling work, children, health, interests and doing what is in the best interest of their dog and sometimes things slip through the net. We’re only hoomans after all! but lets not ignore the issue again this year. Lets be prepared, lets prepare our dogs so that next year they cope better and relax more.

Here’s the kicker, if you have a dog who is scared of Fireworks and loud noises, YOU need to act. It’s not your fault that your dog is terrified but it is YOUR responsibility to do everything you can to help your dog. Let’s be honest here, loud fireworks are not going to be banned in the UK any time soon. We can post as many times as we like on social media, there can be enough news articles and blogs published to sink a battle ship on the subject of the stress loud fireworks place, not only on dogs but on wildlife and people suffering with PTSD, but we cannot control the actions of others. What we can do, as responsible owners, is work with our dogs to help them to become desensitised.

In the cold light of day, and we know we’re going to be unpopular for putting this out there but, we ALL know when Fireworks Night is, we ALL know when New Years Eve is. We, as owners, have almost an entire year to work with our much loved pets to help them overcome this awful feeling of fear. We are frequently asked to provide training and behaviour modification for dogs who are afraid of people, other dogs, riding in the car……..but never Fireworks. This makes absolutely no sense to us.

Here at Fur Indoors we try to offer solutions. Not only do we offer an Anti-Fireworks Relaxation Package at our Dog Hotel where dogs can stay and relax around times when Fireworks are going off, enjoying aromatherapy, relaxing massage, calming music and herbal remedies but we are now offering an Anti-Fireworks desensitisation course so that YOU, as an owner of a dog who is afraid and gets really stressed out by the loud and unfamiliar noises of Fireworks can learn how to make these times easier for them and teach them to relax and be calmer. YOU can make a difference to how they respond to Fireworks and the GREAT news is, if you get started NOW, you can make a real impact and be ready for next year!

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Sam caldwell-Thorne